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About The Sergeant William Harlow Family Association

The Sergeant William Harlow Family Association was founded in August 1939 in Plymouth, Massachusetts under the guidance of Mr. Theodore Parker Adams, Miss Alice Holmes Harlow of Plymouth, Massachusetts and Mr. Gilbert Harlow Baker of New York City.

Annual Meetings have continued in Plymouth every year since that time.

The Association was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 180, of the General Laws, under the name of The Sergeant William Harlow Family Association, Inc. for the purpose of the following: "To commemorate the name of our common ancestor by promoting historical and archaeological research of both real and personal objects in Plymouth, and to acquire and encourage authentic historical and genealogical knowledge of the records of Plymouth, to acquire both real and personal property which may, from time to time, be required for the furtherance of the interest or betterment of the Association, as well as to establish benevolences in memory of the Harlow name; that the town of our Pilgrim ancestor, Sergeant William Harlow (1625-1691) and posterity may benefit by our efforts;"

The Corporation was formed with the following named individuals: "Franklin G. Harlow, Herbert S. Avery, George N. Harlow, Irving W. Harlow, Knowlton B. Holmes, Adnah H. Harlow and Lucy E. Harlow" and the Corporation was legally organized and established as an existing corporation as of October 5, 1956.

The Charter has the official Signature hereunto subscribed, and the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hereunto affixed, this sixth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty six by Edward J. Cronin, Secretary of the Commonwealth.

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